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"ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus" System based on ITIL v3 Framework Best Practices & Processes

ITIL-based features designed for your IT help desk



IT service management is the craft of implementing, managing, and delivering IT services to meet the needs of an organization. It ensures that the appropriate mix of people, processes, and technology are in place to provide value. In other words: ITSM is the art of making a business run.

If you want to know what IT service management (ITSM) is, you have three options. First, you can Google it and be confused by all the corporate-speak and contradictory explanations. Second, you can ask a room of IT people. Don’t be alarmed when they start shouting back-and-forth about processes, incident management, and IT delivery. Or third, you can continue reading this guide.

ITSM is complicated, so we’re going to cut through the jargon, break ITSM into its elements, and address some common misconceptions. We did all the Googling and shouting for you.


Defining ITSM

If ITSM is the art of making a business run, that begs some questions. How does a business run? For whom? For what purpose? With what tools?

To begin answering those questions, let’s break down ITSM into five areas of concern:

  • End Users: Employees and customers who use IT services

  • Services: Applications, hardware, infrastructure, etc. provided by IT

  • Quality: Solving IT problems effectively and efficiently

  • Cost: Getting the most out of an IT budget

  • Business: Enabling a company to perform its core functions and achieve its goals


ServiceDesk Plus is an ITIL ready IT help desk software for organizations of all sizes. With advanced ITSM functionality and easy-to-use capability, ServiceDesk Plus helps IT support teams deliver world-class services to end users with reduced costs and complexity. Over 100,000 organizations across 185 countries trust ServiceDesk Plus to optimize IT service desk performance and achieve high user satisfaction

                                           Help Desk Work Flow                                     


ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a completely web-based Help Desk and Asset Management Software. It offers an integrated package with Incident management (Trouble Ticketing), Asset Tracking, Purchasing, Contract Management, Self-Service Portal, and Knowledge Base at an affordable price point. ServiceDesk Plus provides all that you need to have a full-fledged IT Help Desk and a productive Help Desk staff. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is available in both normal edition and also ITIL edition.

Manage Engine is the leading provider of cost-effective enterprise IT management software trusted by more than 180,000 organizations in 200 countries


ManageEngine SDP


ServiceDesk Plus is Available in 3 Editions


Self-Service Portal

Knowledge Base

Multi-site Support

SLA Management

Help Desk Reports

IT Project Management (Add-On)

Change Management (Add-On)

Fail Over Service (Add-On)


Help Desk Management

Agent based Asset Scanning

Software Asset Management

Asset Inventory Reports

Purchase & Contracts Management

IT Project Management (Add-On)

System Tools (Add-On)

Change Management (Add-On)

Fail Over Service (Add-On)

Incident Management

Asset Management

Problem Management

Service Catalog

Change Management


IT Project Management

System Tools (Add-On)

Fail Over Service (Add-On)



Help desk module is now FREE! Promises without restrictions


Obviously, anything labeled free, usually comes with an asterisk, that quickly spoils the fun. That's why, the company has made the Standard Edition of ServiceDesk Plus free for some small company - without restrictions. There are no tricks, traps, or an asterisk with their offer. Now, you can enjoy a world-class help desk experience without restrictions on the number of technicians, tickets, or users that usually curtail a good help desk experience!

Free IT Help Desk Software - ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Standard Edition)

Features of Enterprise Edition


The standard edition comes with full-fledged ITIL Incident and Knowledge Management functionalities with extensive Reporting and Dashboard capabilities that cover the full lifecycle of IT help desk tickets!


 Automation     Value adding Features








Value added features


Incident Management
Automatic Ticket Dispatcher
Multi Site Support
Knowledge Base
Robust Reporting
Self Service Portal
Preventive Maintenance
AD & LDAP Integration
SLA Management
API Integration
User Surveys
Automatic Ticket Routing
Holidays and Operational Hour Management
Request Templates
Technician Availability Scheduler

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