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Fax Server

A fax server is a system installed in a local area network (LAN) server that allows computer users whose computers are attached to the LAN to send and receive fax messages.

Alternatively the term fax server is sometimes used to describe a program that enables a computer to send and receive fax messages, set of software running on a server computer which is equipped with one or more fax-capable modems (or dedicated fax boards) attached to telephone lines or, more recently, software modem emulators which use T.38 ("Fax over IP") technology to transmit the signal over an IP network. Its function is to accept documents from users, convert them into faxes, and transmit them, as well as to receive fax calls and either store the incoming documents or pass them on to users. Users may communicate with the server in several ways, through either a local network or the Internet. In a big organization with heavy fax traffic, the computer hosting the fax server may be dedicated to that function, in which case the computer itself may also be known as a fax server.





This service is suitable for companies, agencies and organizations to rectify their need to manage the system to send and receive faxes and removal costs related to the purchase and maintenance of fax machines, paper, support, etc.



Features and Benefits

Email integration:

- All employees can send and receive faxes from your desktop as if they send or receive email. The technology works by SMTP protocol.

Portfolio Management:

- Fax can be sent to a particular department or to a specific group of employees routed and can also be sent from one employee to another employee.

Published Fax:

- Send documents, brochures and price lists and send it by fax as easily be done by e-mail.

esource Management:

- All activities are recorded on faxes sent and received, and also allows you to analyze and optimize them off.

The Minimum Cost Routing:

- Taksa navigation system to send and receive faxes using your costs to a minimum.

Advantages over paper fax machines

Fax servers offer various advantages over traditional fax systems:

  • Users can send and receive faxes without leaving their desks.
  • Any printable computer file can be faxed, without having to first print the document on paper.
  • Most of the problems on a fax server can be diagnosed and solved from remote locations.
  • The number of fax lines in an organization can be reduced, as the server can queue the large numbers of faxes and send each when any of a number of lines is free.
  • Faxing capability can be added easily to computer programs, allowing automatic generation of faxes.
  • Transmitted faxes are more legible and professional-looking.
  • There is less clutter of office equipment; incoming faxes can be printed on a standard computer printer.
  • Printer jams on malfunctioning fax printers may be reprinted without being re-faxed.
  • Faxing may be monitored and/or recorded, so that users may be allocated quotas or charged fees, or to ensure compliance with data-retention and financial laws.
  • Fax servers can be located centrally in an organization's data centers providing resilience and disaster recovery facilities to a traditionally desktop technology.
  • Incoming junk faxes are not as much of a problem; the server may maintain a blacklist of numbers it will not accept faxes from (or a white list listing all the numbers it will accept calls from), and those that do get through do not waste paper.
  • Incoming faxes can be handled electronically as part of a paperless office scheme, reducing or eliminating paper use.




- Is enough to send faxes from within any application using a virtual printer command issued and fax the user's computer, fax it to be. By doing this, instead of printing paper, fax the document.

- Very simple solution is to use email to fax service is possible in the user mode as your e-mail document attachment to your e-mail address and telephone number, fax recipient to enter their destination.

- To get a fax of telephone lines connected to the city line interface cards installed on the server.
Receive faxes through this interface. After analysis of the fax server and the workstation into a visual document

will be sent.



Other Features

- Access to and management system through a simple web interface
- Ability to send email alerts in case of system failure
- Receive and view faxes in PDF format
- Ability to send faxes from any computer within the network
- Monitor the activities of the server
- Convert incoming faxes to PostScript format
- Change the configuration parameters for the production of corrugated board Cover Page
- Program call and control a modem
- The queue of the outgoing fax queue
- The fax is transmitted and remove files related to the reference document
- Ability to control and cancel a fax server to complete
- Send messages with faxes
- The status of the fax server
- Control client and user access to the fax server
- File server shutdown controller
- Send automated and scheduled reports to administrator
- Adjustable to receive one incoming fax.
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