System Tools

Power your help desk with the new System Tools

Integrate system tools with ServiceDesk Plus to manage and troubleshoot systems effectively. Now you can easily monitor, analyze, and manage any number of systems and even perform planned maintenance.


Power your help desk with the new System Tools

The latest ServiceDesk Plus System tools will help you to perform scheduled planned maintenance actions from a central location to prevent breakdowns and failures of your systems. Some of the benefits that you can experience right at your finger click are:


Advanced remote control

Using this feature, technicians can take control of remote workstations from wherever they are and perform system troubleshooting seamlessly. All remote control functions can be done by your technicians like upgrading a software, file transfer, session recording for audit, remote shutdown, screen sharing with peers enabling them to resolve tickets faster and better.


Seamless Asset Scanning

This feature helps you to scan Systems in your network periodically and collects data related to hardware and software assets that are installed and saved in your ServiceDesk Plus CMDB.



Help desk technicians can initiate chat sessions with end users to bridge the communication gap that arises while troubleshooting a problem.


Wake on LAN

It helps you to schedule booting of systems in the Windows Network remotely. It allows you to create different task to group the computers and specify a time to boot the machines in that task. Well, Whenever you would like to install applications or to perform other actions in the absence of a user, in user absence you can boot the system with Wake-on- LAN and perform necessary actions such as application installation, system scanning, etc.



This feature allows you to publish announcements company-wide or just to the technicians group. You can schedule the announcements and also customize the date for displaying the announcements.


System Manager

This is a smart tool that helps administrators to connect the task manager of remote computers. With this connectivity, you can monitor and analyze the remotely managed systems and view the tasks details and processes that are running in the computer. This feature is applicable only for computers running on Windows Operating System.


How can I get System tools to work in my set-up?

You need to download the System Tools plug-in and install it, your set-up will be ready-to-use.

Features and Capabilities of Manage Engine Service Desk Plus System

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