IT Service Catalogs

Streamline IT Service Requests and Redefine Customer Experience

Showcase your available IT services to end users and give a new face to your IT. Create and publish your service catalog with custom service-level agreements (SLAs) and multi-stage approvals.

ManageEngine's ServiceDesk Plus is an IT help desk software that comes with a customizable service catalog where IT organizations can publish their supported IT services. Custom templates for each service enable end users to quickly choose services in the self service portal. The service catalog allows for process automation by enabling custom workflows to be associated with each type of service request. That means, you can configure approvals, SLAs, tasks and notifications to be automatically triggered when a service request is raised. Streamline IT service requests and make way for exemplary service delivery!


IT Service Catalog


What is an IT service catalog?

An IT service catalog is a directory of all the services that an IT team offers its end users, with relevant information such as the expected duration of service delivery, the associated costs , and approvals . Service catalog can be of two types:


Technical service catalog

Business service catalog

Back end IT services like server provisioning,
software patching, firewall upgrades etc
Lists end user facing IT services like provisioning
of laptops, request for a new software, etc



Why do you need an IT service catalog?

In their goal of moving towards a user-centric IT, IT teams build an IT service catalog for their end users to request a service which is very similar to their online shopping experience. With an IT service catalog, IT teams can:,

  • Showcase their IT services that end users can avail
  • Collect relevant information right at the time of ticket creation to avoid unnecessary delays in IT service delivery
  • Automate workflows and approval mechanisms specific to each service delivery thereby improving the efficiency of the IT team.

Build your own IT enterprise service catalog

The IT service catalog functionality in ServiceDesk Plus has custom templates, automatic assignment of SLAs, code free automation and workflows, and a multi-stage approval process to enable IT help desk teams cover the whole nine yards of request management.


IT Service Catalogue Workflow IT Service Catalogue Management


Service catalog best practices in ServiceDesk Plus:

ServiceDesk IT Service Catalog

- Design and Publish IT Services Quickly

  • Create a comprehensive catalog of IT and business services that you offer within minutes.

  • Use the drag and drop feature in ServiceDesk Plus to create templates for different services.

  • Associate workflows like SLAs, multistage approvals, and tasks to make work easier for service desk technicians.

  • Access a wide range of pre-built service request templates and customize them to your needs with minimal effort.


- Drive a Compelling Shopping Experience

  • Provide a personalized experience for end users in the self-service portal by presenting only those services that the end users are entitled to or those that are relevant to their role.

  • Promote self help and improve operational efficiency.

  • Allow users to create and track their service requests on the go.

  • Keep end users informed at every step for better visibility and transparency.

  • Provide anytime anywhere access to end users by showcasing the service catalog in the self-service portal.

- Automate for Efficiency. Optimize IT Service Delivery.

  • Enable the 5-stage approval process and trigger approval notifications automatically when a service request is raised from the service catalog.

  • Ensure automatic assignment of requests to the right technician and guarantee timely completion.

  • Define tasks and set task dependencies for smart collaboration wherever multiple hands are involved in a service request.


Features and Capabilities of Manage Engine Service Desk Plus System

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