Contract Management

Centrally Manage Your IT Contracts. Ensure More Control.

Manage contracts with different vendors seamlessly. Track IT hardware and software contracts to improve compliance, associate assets, and receive proactive notifications for contract expiration.

- Ensure On-Time Renewals and Stronger Compliance. Never Miss an IT Contract Renewal.

  • Streamline the entire contract management process and get better visibility and control.

  • Create a primary contract, associate to it multiple sub-contracts, and establish a parent-child relationship.

  • Choose from default contract types such as lease, support, maintenance, and warranty or define custom contract types to cover all your IT assets, non-IT assets, software and software licenses.

  • Associate a contract with a specific vendor along with the vendor's contact details to ensure accountability.

  • Include soft copies of actual contracts and other supporting documents as attachments for easy reference.

  • Customize contract forms and capture extra details with the configurable additional fields.


    - Trigger Contract Expiry Notifications. Renew Contracts on Time.

  • Set notification alerts for contract and choose to be notified in advance before a contract expires.
  • Ensure that notifications go out only to the right audience for each contract.
  • Easily differentiate between new contracts and renewed contracts.
  • Get a historical view of all past renewals for a particular contract capturing details such as renewal date, renewal name, and cost of renewal.
  • Pull the right reports to standardize the contract management process and ensure stronger compliance.




- Benefits & Features

    Maintain all your clients support/maintenance contracts in a single place.
    Track contract vendors and their contact details.
    Know which assets are covered in your contracts.

- Notification Rules

    Set up email notifications to renew contracts before expiry.
    Query from a searchable Database of Contracts.
    Include soft copies of actual contracts as attachments.

Features and Capabilities of Manage Engine Service Desk Plus System

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