IT Change Management

Implement Changes With Minimal Impact and Risks

Streamline planning, approval, and implementation with automated workflows. Eliminate unauthorized and failed changes.

- Get Better at Managing IT Changes Without Missing a Step

  • Configure change types, roles, statuses, and templates to manage your change cycle easily.
  • Log changes from incidents and problems and track them at every step of the cycle.
  • Configure automated workflows and notifications to improve visibility and communication for IT and business stakeholders.
  • Assign, measure, and analyze change metrics to continually improve your change management process.

- Customize Change Workflow process, Do IT Your Way

  • Handle standard, emergency, and critical changes separately with unique and customizable workflows using ServiceDesk Plus.
  • Break down changes into six custom stages, and assign these stages their own statuses.
  • Build change workflows with actions like approvals, notifications, and field updates on a drag-and-drop-canvas.
  • Associate predefined change templates to preconfigured workflows to instantly trigger a change upon submission.

- Make Informed Decisions on Changes, Minimize Business Risks

  • Make informed decisions to reduce unauthorized, failed, and emergency changes.
  • Assess, prioritize, and schedule changes with inputs from the CAB.
  • Refer to CMDB relationships to get an integrated view of the IT assets and services impacted by the change.
  • Publish announcements from within the change to communicate any planned downtime to end users.

- Streamline Change Planning, Approval, and Rollout. No More Unplanned Outages

  • Create impact, roll out, and back out plans and implementation checklists.

  • Refer to the change management module's schedule calendar to resolve any conflicts.

  • Configure systematic workflows for every stage right from submission to closure to ensure that nothing is missing.

  • Initiate projects from within a change or execute simple tasks to roll out the change depending on its complexity.

  • Carry out a post implementation review to ensure that there are no further glitches.


Features and Capabilities of Manage Engine Service Desk Plus System

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